Pre Wedding Photography is all about capturing the cutest moments prior to the big day. It can serve as a pleasant visual memoir for years to come. At some phase in life, you would treasure the album more than anything else. Before saying too much about the memory value, a few technical details are to be known. When done wrong, the whole pre wedding photography can produce shabbiest collections.

From props to location to angles, there are too many factors which decide photography’s success. The local culture, sentiments, demographic concept needs to be focused along with the technicalities.

Candid Shots

One of the few trending buzzwords in premises of pre wedding or wedding photography is candid shots. To attain a cherishing experience during photo-shoots, candid shots are always mandatory. Excellent location, pose and angles makes up for candid shots. Getting the emotions and charms from the couple would be on top of the agenda. In future years, the wedding photographs you have now are ultimate souvenirs.A skilled photographer knows every trick in the book about making the couple pose gracefully. The prime focus should be on making them look like they are enjoying genuinely. Photos tell the story of a certain phase of life, thus just make it a happy one.

Why use Props?

Props can come in handy to spice up pre wedding photo-shoot. It helps create a feel about the moment in every click. Engagement rings are the commonly used prop, which helps create the feel of engagement. With couples holding the ring together or trying alternative angles with the engagement ring, the pre wedding vibe can be produced.Bubbles can be a good alternative to clichéd props.

Bubbles don’t exhibit any level of seriousness; rather produce display of fun and cheerful mood. Their ability to blend with any type of background seamlessly is added bonus. Variety of backdrop and light settings would fit easily. When nothing works for you, funny caption is the ticket.

You can be really creative with captions without worrying much about visual appeal. Funny captions tell the story of the photo lot quicker. Large cards, canvas or slate boards can be your medium in video caption photographs. You can hold caption in variety of ways, according to the theme you have in mind.​

Salah satu kegiatan wajib yang paling sering dilakukan kalau kita sedang hang out ialah foto bersama. Baik itu dengan teman-teman kerja, sahabat, maupun saudara, selalu saja ada pose unik dan menarik yang bisa dijadikan ide untuk gaya bersama. Ini juga namanya foto gaya.


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